Sunday 2 December 2012

Will Run For Chocolate Cranberry Pistachio Truffles

happy holidays!

I wasn't terribly disappointed this morning when I woke up to a freezing rain warning and multiple highway closures.  I wouldn't be surprised if Pace Bunny was jumping up and down clicking her heels when I suggested a treadmill run instead of our regular run. 

I suspect that she ran in her flannel penguin pyjamas and took multiple coffee/bathroom breaks.  Not that I should really judge given that I broke out my favourite bright green shorty shorts and a fluorescent  yellow sports bra that is covered in mud stains from the Spartan run (in case you were wondering).  Pace Bunny did say something about her ego not being able to take any information about her speed and distance.  I on the other hand have convinced myself that there are 2.5 kilometres in every mile. 

I've been baking Christmas cookies for weeks.  Baking cookies is a great way to avoid all kinds of other things that you should be doing.  There have been chocolate cranberry biscotti, chai & almond thumbprint cookies, ginger snaps, shortbread, crescents and the list goes on.  Not only have I convinced myself that there are 2.5 kilometres in every mile but also that eating cookie dough is very different from eating actual cookies.  

On that note it was time for a healthier treat.

Chocolate Cranberry Pistachio Truffles
(12 truffles + 2 for taste testing)


1 C of dates soaked until soft (overnight) and then drained.

3/4 C almond flour or ground almonds

1/4 C raw pistachios

1/4 C dried cranberries(I used Johnston's apple juice sweetened)

1 T candied ginger finely chopped

2 T cocoa

2 T ground cocoa nibs (measure before grinding or alternatively use an extra 2T of cocoa)

2 T bittersweet dark (71% cacao) Camino chocolate shredded

additional almond flour, cocoa, cocoa nibs, chocolate shreds, candied ginger, pistachios, cranberries for rolling truffles

By hand (totally not worth washing the blender) with a fork make a paste out of your dates.  Add almond flour, pistachios, dried cranberries, ginger, chocolate, cocoa and ground cocoa nibs.  Mixing everything by hand meant bigger chunks of nuts, ginger, chocolate and cranberries.

Roll mixture into bite size balls.

Next, roll your truffles in your favourite ingredients.  I couldn't decide so I tried almond flour, chocolate shreds, candied ginger, cranberries & pistachios, and cocoa.

Enjoy immediately with your favourite beverage and/or hide them in the bottom of your freezer in your unheated mudroom so that you don't eat the entire dozen at once. 

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