Thursday, 27 December 2012

Will Run For 20 Things To Be Thankful For

my very own farmer (and garlic, squash, peas, dill, potatoes)

Part of my Elf4Health holiday challenge was to make a list of 20 things that I am thankful for.  It wasn't really much of a challenge at all.

Jeb & Hank (and Riley & Jackson too)
Our dogs make me ridiculously happy.  There is nothing like finding two bouviers in the bathtub or cuddled up in your bed.

my mom (who will have my head when she sees this picture)
When it comes to moms I won the lottery.  I couldn't ask for better.

St. Joseph's Island Coffee Roasters
This might be the best coffee that I have ever tasted.  I especially love hot coffee after a cold run.

Pace bunny (you're welcome for the picture choice)
Everyone needs a pace bunny.

my TriStyle peeps
These ladies keep me on my toes.

my biggest fan (thanks for drinking all of my water!)
If you need someone to cheer you on or take a great action shot she's your girl!

My cousin Jennifer (whose dog likes to eat walls as much as Hank)

My students (it's me can't you tell)
They drive me absolutely mad most of the time but they make me laugh and they make my heart grow.

snow days spent baking gingerbread cookies with students who walked to school
A snow day on the last day of school before Christmas holidays.  I don't think that I need to say more than that.

my granny who makes the best butter tarts
I have the best granny ever.  I'm sorry if you thought that your granny was the best.

the ocean & its treasures

the most comfortable boots

I'm thankful every time I make it to the finish line
Every time I make it to the finish line without throwing up, drowning, or falling I'm a happy girl.

tea parties, pottery & sugar cubes
Life would be better if there were more tea parties.


care packages from the best housemate
Ms. April sends Christmas coffee, retro buttons, Christmas cake and homemade dog treats.  We love her to bits.


elastic shoe laces
How did I just discover these?

wetsuits (nothing like black rubber to make you feel like a superhero)
Wetsuits not only make you feel & look like a superhero but they also protect you from dangerous lake weed (and fish)!

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