Sunday, 22 July 2012

Will Run For East Coast Road Trip

Farmer & I are back from our East Coast road trip!  It was seven days of doing as many touristy things as possible in each of the places that we visited: Magog Quebec, Hopewell Rocks, St. Andrews, PEI, Montreal, Ottawa and a few places in between.  Truth be told there wasn't much running ( a short run in Magog and a treadmill run).

In between swimming in the ocean,digging for clams (and burying them again) holding jelly fish and treasure hunting we were lucky enough to have some really delicious food at many of the places that we visited.  We also learned the valuable lesson of asking to see the menu before being seated(not really a fan of deep fried face and mother).

Something else that I'm not usually a fan of is blog posts with pictures of delicious looking food without recipes.  It actually drives me a little crazy!  But, just incase you are in the neighbourhood or you don't really mind looking at pictures of food that you'll never get to eat I thought that I would share.

We were lucky enough to stay at La Maison de Ville in Magog Quebec.  We were walking distance from beautiful walking/rollerblading/bike paths, beaches, the creature of Magog observation station (sea monster) and the most delicious fondue restaurant.  

Summer squash & goat cheese crepes in Magog

Seared pineapple with cranberries & coconut

cheese fondue at fondissimo

Our next stop was Hopewell Rocks where we stayed at Artisan's Suite in Hopewell Cape.  Thankfully GPS (Geeps) was able to find us a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in nearby Moncton. 

Pakoras at Calactus  in Moncton

Caesar salad at Calactus in Moncton

'The Works' pizza at Calactus in Moncton

Hopewell Rocks

Before we visited the local outdoor market and nearby shops in St. Andrews we stopped for lattes, oatcakes and warm maple muffins(devoured before they could be photographed)at Honeybeans. 

Oatcakes at Honeybeans-Coffee,-Tea-and-Treats in St. Andrews

Move over Maynard's candy I just met Ganong!  While the name of the candy leaves something to be desired it definately helped with all of the map reading (GPS can't always be trusted).

'chicken bones' by ganong

We heard great things about the food at the St. John market so we made a quick stop.  Imagine all of the vegetarian samosas a girl could eat!

Samosas at the St. John market

There was more than one stop for cheese.  

Cheese curds from Fromages Bergeron


We found delicious pizza and salad at a local sports bar (who would have thought).

vegetarian & mediterranean pizza at Cage aux Sports Montreal


Possibly the best way to start out the morning in Old Montreal is with some delicious crepes and dessert for breakfast.

Banana, strawberry and dulce de leche  at Creperie St. Paul

ridiculously delicious

Old Montreal

If you haven't had a Montreal style sesame bagel (or any other kind of bagel for that matter) I suggest Kettlemans bagels in Ottawa.  You can watch the whole bagel making process(if you aren't busy shovelling bagels in your mouth).

TLC (tomato, lettuce, cucumber, swiss cheese & sweet mustard)  at kettlemans bagels in Ottawa

Unfortunately, the only thing that I've been cooking since we've been home is soap.  In between soap making there have been handfuls of freshly picked peas, swiss chard and lettuce from the garden but that's about it.  

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