Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Will Run For Mud

"You'll Know At The Finish Line"

This past Sunday Team Edumacator competed  participated in the Toronto Spartan Sprint.  The Spartan Sprint is a 3+ mile /15 + obstacle race.

The tag line for the Spartan run is "you'll know at the finish line".   You'll know mud.  You'll know mud in bits and pieces and cracks and crevices that mud should never be.  You'll know mud in the gash that used to be your finger.  You'll know mud despite having several baths and showers.  You'll know mud even after your significant other threatens Comet and S.O.S pads.  

Can you call in muddy and maimed?  We all made into work on Monday.  If only to see the school nurse.  


"Wow, those burpees were awesome", said no one ever.

standing in the pouring rain for over an hour

nothing like a little nail polish to get you through

muddy, bloody, and exhausted

Even though we'll likely never get the mud out of our running clothes I think that it was everyone's favourite part.  I'll take mud and barbed wire over plastic covered A frames with muddy ropes, carrying 40 pound sandbags up hill and climbing nets where people use other people's heads (and faces) as leverage any day. 

Will we do it again?  As much as I loved the obstacles and the run itself I was disappointed with the organization ( over an hour wait in the rain for the shuttle, inadequate first aid at the obstacles, no showers... the water wand from the knee down doesn't count, a small electrical fire on the timing box which means no finishing time as of yet, etc., etc., etc.).  Maybe the warrior dash is next or even better and closer to home the miners mayhem.

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