Saturday, 30 June 2012

Will Run For Garlic Scapes

ball o'scape

Garlic scapes make the wait between crops of garlic a little more bearable.  They are 'flower stalks' that can be used in place of green onions when young and tender or in place of garlic cloves when they are a little larger and a little more mature.  I'm thinking pesto, pasta, soups, etc.

   I'm also hoping that garlic scapes are an appropriate "I'm sorry my dog chewed your shoe, I'm sorry that we made fun of your weeding outfit ( really who thought that green fleece MEC long johns and a ripped plaid shirt were a good choice for 30+ weather), you are our favourite housemate thanks for coming back to visit", etc. gift.

  It's a rough crowd around here sometimes.

Farmer and I planted about 450 cloves of garlic last fall which means that we have an abundance of scapes that need to be eaten within the next two weeks or so.  Since we don't have any vampires to ward off preserving the scapes (with some help from the healthy frugalistaseemed like the thing to do.  

I heart garlic scapes

bucket o'scapes

Start by chopping off the bulbous portion of your scapes.  Using scissors is much more efficient than trying to cut them with a knife (If you are trying to get out of helping, use a knife.  It will take forever)

off with your head!
In your blender process 1/2 C of olive oil and 4 C of scapes until well combined.

processed scapes

Line a cookie sheet with a silicone mat or wax paper.  Use a tablespoon or an ice-cream scoop to make balls o'scapes.  Place cookie sheet in freezer until balls are firm.  Store balls in freezer bags.  

When you're ready to use your ball o'scapes simply add your scapes to your soups or sauces towards the end of your cooking time.

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