Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Will Run For Hummus, Apple Butter & Tempeh Wraps

Are you interested in making butter caramels? 

 I would suggest asking Martha

 How about mini pinata  favours?  

not a pinata

I would suggest visiting Ruffled.  I obviously can't be trusted with making a pinata.   

Rainbow Brite's horse did not throw up.  That is a pinata Hank.

I decided that it would be a fabulous idea to make a pinata and fill it with homemade butter caramels.  Why would someone do that?  An even better question is why didn't it occur to me that it takes more than three hours to make a pinata and the candy to go in it.  You can't really rush pinata making (even if you use a hair dryer).

There was an hour of stirring.  There were some delicious caramels!  There was some burnt paper mache paste (always make sure that the correct element is on!).  There was a little bit of cursing and some delicious wraps.  The wraps might seem like a bit of an odd combination but they really are delicious. 

Hummus Apple Butter Tempeh Wraps

(serves 1)

1 Ezekial wrap
1-2 T of hummus
1 T of grated cheddar cheese (brie is also delicious)
1 T of apple butter
3 strips of cooked marinated tempeh (I used Turtle Island Foods brand).

Spread hummus in the centre of wrap leaving enough room for apple butter.  Spread apple butter around the outer edge of the wrap.  Top with cooked marinated tempeh & cheese.  Heat in the oven or microwave until cheese is melted.

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