Monday, 20 May 2013

Will Run For Green Lemonade

feeling green?

Green lemonade is what happens when you no longer have to go on 3 1/2 hour Sunday runs.  Green juice is also what happens after you realize that you can't eat whatever you want even though you are training for a marathon (really, who didn't already know that?  Come on!).

I promise that this green lemonade won't make you gag (a cup full of juiced kale stems on the other hand is a different story.  Again, who didn't already know that?).

So pull out your retro juicer (or your new fancy pants juicer) and juice away.

Green Lemonade
(1 large serving or 2 small)

2 C romaine lettuce chopped
1 cucumber 
1/4 celeriac peeled and cubed (1 cup)
1 large gala apple (cored, peeled, chopped)
1 lemon (peeled and quartered) 
1-2 inch piece of peeled ginger root 

Drink up.

* Peel all fruits and vegetables that are not organic or live on the wild side and juice with the peel (not responsible for tail growth).

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