Sunday, 11 September 2011

Will Run For Cake Pops!

what isn't there to love about cake on a stick?

I survived the first week of school (without having to cry at my desk or wear my tutu to school)!  There was some doubt.  The tutu making kit was ready just incase (how can you feel anything but happy in tule, organza ribbon, glitter, etc.).

My week was most definately better than some of my colleagues.  I did not ask a small child if he needed to use the bathroom only to hear, "No.  The poop already came out".  I didn't have more students than chairs and no one called me an old lady.

Today is our cousins gathering.  Cousin J shows us up just about every time we get together.  Last time it was his delicious chocolate cinnamon vegan cake.  Granny wanted to know why my cakes never taste like J's (whole wheat flour Granny!  Whole wheat flour!).  J couldn't stop at a delicious cake.  He needed to add cinnamon buns!

ridiculously delicious!

Apparently salad is no match for cinnamon buns EVEN if if it's a salad from the new Peas and Thank You cookbook.

chickpea strawberry mango salad

I'm not sure what J has up his sleeve today but I have Momma Peas' cake on a stick.  I added some cinnamon & used 1 C of coffee instead of water.  

cinnamon chocolate cake on a stick

What could possibly be better than cake on a stick?  We'll soon find out.

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