Monday, 10 December 2012

Will Run For Elf 4 Health


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Do you need an elf 4 health? Let's just say you baked several dozen cookies, had a cookie exchange with your favourite cousins and suddenly you have found yourself without any cookies left in your freezer (where you hid them from yourself) then you might need an elf 4 health.

You'll be paired with your elf for two weeks and you'll be given a list of healthy challenges for the week: drink more water, clear your cupboards & fridge of crap day (I don't think they mean eat all the crap either), eat your vegetables so you don't get scurvy day, random act of kindness in the form of sharing a healthy snack day (there is a reason my co-workers do not steal my lunch out of the fridge at work....cold steamed broccoli isn't everyone's idea of a delicious snack) and finally work out with a buddy day (another excuse to send pace bunny harassing e-mails about getting on her treadmill). 

Your elf will provide some encouragement and accountability plus you can win some pretty awesome prizes for being a great elf. If you live in Canada however, you'll have to be content with being able to fit in your green tweed pants and getting to check out some new and exciting blogs.

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